Saturday, 21 May 2011

Placement Hunting

Hmm when I first got this interview I felt exclusive with myself feeling like person wey don hammer.
Right now I ain't feeling too great.
It is now the morning of the interview and I am waiting for the train to take me there, come see bare guys wey dey go for this same interview
Even the taxi driver said that i was the fifth person that was going for the interview that he has picked up today. Wooaw
Right now there about 15 of us waiting to catch the same train to the same interview from just my uni alone oo talkless of other universities we dey uk. O boy you go fear competition if you dey hear right now..
By the way this company is so bloody sexist can u believe I am the only girl among 15 boys.
Why am I complaining even better for me self cuz ladies are so damn ruthless and now maybe I can even get sympathy vote
Baba God this na my one time to shine please Abeg don't let my nervousness get in the way oo
Would update you later as the day goes
Now it's time to wear my ovaries on the outside and show these dogs who is boss bitch is!!!!!
Hmm quick update:
got to where I was gonna change trains and overconfidence no go kill me. You won't believe I was standing at the wrong platform all the while.
I even saw one of the peeeps waiting for the right train on the other platform and was feeling victorious and thinking 1 man down.
Something in me just said ask, that's how the train guy was like I was on the wrong platform 2 mins to the time the train was gonna arrive. Deng I have never ran that fast in my life oo
Today has even confirmed that I need to lose weight asap. As per my ass was dragging me down when I was running self
Anyhow now I am on the right train, no more changes
Just hope I don't fall asleep and miss my train stop
I really also hope that I dont have to do my presentation in front of other candidates.
Please God I am begging you
Alright going to do some last minute preparation...
Ok just realised that all those fifteen people I said earlier aren't going to the same interview apparently they are all going for another placement interview in birmingham
So now competition has declined to just 5 of us from my Uni don't know about other uni's
I am not even going to think about competition again
Me I must to go on placement oo
I have never wanted or worked so hard for anything in my life like I have done for placement
Mehn people in this place are so gross sometimes
Early morning like this when I am feeling all good and wonderful, on the train the guy is drinking at freaking 7 am in the morning and he reeks of cigarette as well. Some people just don't have respect for themselves, their body or God self... How can someone wake up
Early mormo like this and decide the first thing I am gonna is drink
Putting that aside, I am still feeling good on the train, jamming my naija praise & worship whilst also doing last minute preparations and reading my bible. I realise that what you listen to & read in morning can go a long way in determining how you look at the coming day.
Honestly don't know why i don't blog more often. It is a really fun experience so far today and I am loving it
I have arrived at my destination oo
It was pouring down when I got there, stupid me did not bring coat or umbrella
I hope I don't look like a drowned bear when I get there oo
The place ain't too bad, I can see myself living here
Nice city and all, I hope they have an African shop though cuz that one can cause wahala
Pls before I start fantasising living here let me get the job first ooo,
Just finished at 5 pm since 10 am
I am so tired and I have a migrane to add
I just want to go home, eat and sleep
Recap on the day: I was so nervous that I rushed my presentation so that was crap
Then they now did test, was so unprepared for this
To make it worse it wad two tests: mechanical & electrical & maths
I am an electrical engineer so you deffo don't need me to tell you how awful the mechanical test was . Just in case you wanted to know, it sucked badly
The maths & electrical tests was good really enjoyed it
Afterwards we now went on luck break, the company no try at all upon all the money wey dey don fap from oil . The food no teek at all
Also the recruiter kept on looking at my shoes. They were black with like gold rings & studs on top of them. Now I feel like o should have worn more sensible shoes self but oh well what has happened has happened
Interview was ok, I felt more comfortable and more in my zones. In summary the whole day is really exhausting and tiring and Guess what I am going to do this again next week for anoda company.
Hmm with all this stress, if I don't get a job. I will curse all these companies one by one.
Gotta go now
I need to crash badly