Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I made Chapman & Suya

So i was bored this summer, Me and my friend decided to cook and experiment
After much research, we made Chapman & Suya was the livest thing ever, i even perfected my suya spice mix
Who knew that the only thing that all these suya spice they sell in shops were missing was just grounded groundnut..It Really makes a difference ooo
The chapman was another story... After drinking this i realise that i have a very poor alcohol intolerance. The drinks literally knocks me out
My recipe for the Chapman is:
Grenadine Syrup
Chapman( These replace angostura bitters as apparently the company that makes it has gone bust )
Concentrated Lemon Juice
Curly Straw and ENJOY!!!!!
If u want the recipe for the suya, then you are going to have to pay oo


Hey Guys,
The scene that you see below is of my friends sleeping off after an all nighter period.
During examination period last year.. we all decided to do an all nighter for this module that we were really worried about. All i can say is never read or do an all nighter with friends, it is like a perfect recipe for disaster..
We first started reading for like the first hour, then we started gisting and watching comedy shows on YouTube, from there we progressed on to playing games and watching movies. At about 3pm we were hungry, so we decided to order food. We now decided to do buffet, each person orders a different dish and then we spread it out on the table like a buffet and go round taking samples of each dish.
It was an awesome experience that i will definitely not be repeating again, i didn't get any work done.... It was fun though
The person that surprised me the most was my friend Bev as per the chick came ready for battle. To Computer IT room this chick brought wrapper, sponge and toothbrush. When she was tired she used her bag as pillow and then proceeded to use the wrapper as blanket..I was like woaw!!!!!!Seriously was she expecting to have her shower in the department or what!!!!!
I am really goona miss this when we all graduate this year.This is one of the may reasons why i hate change
I have so gotten used to this guys, it gonna be weird not seeing them constantly

Happy Belated New Year

I know this is way late but happy new year all the same
Had to take down my other blog because i got found out
Start afresh and leaving all that anger and negativity behind
Hope everyone is enjoying all the new year has to offer so far?????
This new year has been stressful to say the least
So much school work whilst juggling applying for jobs as well
Deng!!!I think i have lost count of the amount of rejections that i have had till date
But that isn't going to deter me oo, i would continuous apply till i get that job...
It is not easy at all
And all these numerical tests aren't helping at all, especially the shl test. They are so freaking hard to say the least. And i keeping on doing crap in them.. o ti su mi oo
I am just gonna put all my faith in God cuz i cant come this far and just lose..
On the bright side, Hope everyone is looking forwards to Valentine's day
So sad i am working that weekend so i am spending it by myself..Hope you guys have fun sha
Gotta go now.I have a 50% test on Thursday that i haven't even started reading did i get so lazy ...