Friday, 31 May 2013

I thought when i finished my degree, i would feel like this:

                           But i felt more like below, I find myself thinking so now what

     I had so much ideas about how i was going to use my spare time and get fit

The reality is that all i have done so far is stuff my face with food

 I do actually go to the gym but only just to watch TV as my hall doesn't have a coaxial port

I thought i would go wild and party all night long 

But the reality is that i am to tired, i just stay at home, watch netflix and sleep all day long

I had a massive pile of books and i assumed that i would spend my free time just reading my way through.

The reality is that i just stay in bed and sleep all night long

I thought i would take a road trip, travel all around the world and just experience other cultures

The reality is that i remembered about all my gbese(debts) and then i was like nah this ain't  going to work

        I thought when i do start socializing and drink, it would look something like this

                 The reality is that i really end up looking more like a scattered chicken 

                                     Life after exams really looks more like this

                                     But after months and months of doing this 



I think i more than deserve to slob it out despite the fact that my parents think otherwise